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Benefits of

Finding without Searching

You know that, you are constantly on the Internet looking for interesting information and important events.

  • As a scientist, how do I keep up to date with new publications, e.g. about Artificial Intelligence?
  • Where can I find the best bargains?
  • Do I have to expect bad weather, i.e. rain, thunderstorms or snowfall, when I am at home in or on the road?
  • When will my favorite club play next time? And - on which channel will the game be broadcast.
  • How are the prices of my shares developing? Are there any important upward or downward movements?
  • in Dortmund or in the world? What important things are happening in my surroundings or in the world? Or what does the press report about bargains?
  • How can I simply chat with my friends and acquaintances in other languages without having to permanently copy / paste the translations from any translator?

Let me be your daily companion and assistant and daily compagnion
  • I am not spamming you. You will only receive notifications if you have requested them yourself. To do this, you define rules that you can change, pause or delete at any time.
  • If I know where you live and / or where you work, then I can tell you whether you have to expect bad weather on the way to and from work or for your leisure activities.
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