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rObby News-Alert-System (NAS) and Chatbot by textOmatic is a hyper-personalized notification and search app for iOS and Android devices. You will receive exactly those notifications from the press, events, sports, finance, culture, technology and science that interest you.

With you can

  • have articles sent to you from the best magazines, newspapers and news portals
  • create your personalized info channels, e.g. for Hamilton, Meghan, Neymar, Putin
  • chat with your friends all over the world in several languages at the same time
  • stay up to date on the latest news
  • receive the most important information about your favorite artists or celebrities on the same day
  • inform you in time about upcoming events and concerts
  • keep an eye on important changes in the financial and stock markets
  • let you be alerted when friends are near you

What is unique about

  • With alarm rules you can define once which notifications should be sent to you as PUSH.
  • The messages will find you and therefore you will not miss any important events, publications and news anymore.
  • Instead of installing a flood of different news apps you only need the app.
  • collects the messages from the most important news sources and sends you a message then and only if it fits the notification filter you set.
  • You won't miss soccer, handball or formula 1 races anymore, because notifies you in time and reminds you shortly before the start of the broadcast on which TV channel the event will be broadcast.

Why else

  • There are no subscription fees for the basic version of
  • You can send requests to directly via the internet browser of your computer and receive the answers there as well.
  • At you are always logged in, which means you do not miss any notifications. You don't have to think about whether you are currently logged in or logged out. With your address book you can quickly and easily connect to your contacts who also use
  • You don't have to remember complicated usernames. Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, will save your current messages until you next use the app.
  • Share your location, exchange contacts, find out where your friends are and where there are shopping and dining opportunities in your area.
  • uses the internet connection (5G/4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WLAN, if available) of your phone.

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